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Tips: Advertising your Business

By using proven creative advertising ideas to distinguish a particular business from others, there’s a likelihood for creating lasting impressions in the minds of new clients. Usually, powerful advertising ideas help to strengthen consumers’ preference for specific brands. Most business coaches recommend funny and inspiring commercials. These methods captivate the target audience. Let’s share other advertising tips from business coaches.

Start with Word of Mouth

Word-of-mouth advertising might be a traditional method, but it’s still a concise and recognizable format. Usually, bad news spread faster than good messages, and entrepreneurs can enhance customer satisfaction with the quality of their services. When clients are happy, they might share their experiences by referring to potential customers through word-of-mouth advertising. Take the real estate industry for example, realtors and agents’ popularity exponentially increase when the word of mouth for them in the market is optimistic. Any house for sale by the owner demands the service of these popular real estate representatives leading to satisfied sales. It’s a cost-effective method of advertising services and products for small businesses. So, entrepreneurs must ensure they stock high-quality products with clear descriptions and competitive prices that make word-of-mouth advertising easy.

Use Eye-Catching Graphics on Print Media

According to business coaches, early forms of advertising were successful with the print media and direct mail services. Even with the invention of the telephone, smart business owners took advantage of newspapers, and yellow page directories to advertise their services. Moreover, the use of a creative online design also induces high customer satisfaction leading to positive responses. However, texts and images appeared as monochrome (black and white) displays during these periods. After the upgrade of old printing press machines, technology enhanced the art of advertising with images and text in color formats. 

Traditional newspapers

A bit of advice from business coaches is to use high-quality, colorful wording in highlighting key information of advert messages. The eye-catching graphics on the covers of magazines and billboards often help your target customers to scan the advertisement with ease. 

Don’t Underestimate the Power of LinkedIn

As one of the pioneer social media platforms for professionals, LinkedIn is yet to be fully optimized by small businesses. However, this platform gives smart entrepreneurs, contractors and employees opportunities to share ideas, and build networks. Usually, LinkedIn users must create profiles and killer content to advertise their products and services. Also, LinkedIn connections of entrepreneurs can help to promote advertisement by sharing the link with other people. With a business platform on social media, your brand management and advertising can be interwoven.

Include Internet Users in Your Marketing Strategy

Have you heard of ‘click and get paid’ advertising? It’s a strategy of internet marketing that displays pop-up windows on websites and promises to reward anyone that clicks on the message. Additionally, content writers can use SEO (search engine optimization) tags and keyword to design well-written advert messages. With SEO, search engines like Google can enhance the visibility of your business when customers search online. Unlike search engine clicks, you can advertise online by sending regular emails to potential clients. Consequently, the use of colourful graphics in advertising, whether online through a web developer or outdoor through advertising agencies or personnel, it makes it easy for the messenger to capture the audience’s attention.

Another method of rewarding internet users is by targeting potential clients with Snapchat filters and Instagram frames. Usually, the filters and frames are branded by graphic artists with your business logo or brand. Also, these artistic embellishments carry instructions that ask internet users to take ‘selfies’ with them. This strategy is a surefire way of asking other people to advertise your business for a token.

Use Creative Business Cards

House advertising

By investing in awesome business cards with relevant information, you can exchange every handshake with a description of your service or product. A creative business card gives customers first-hand information about your business. Business professionals, lawyers and real estate agents particularly benefit from the same due to an increasing need for business advice, political or personal conflicts and knowledge about property for sale in the seller’s market. As a form of business advertisement, these cards often create brand awareness with special messages. However, you must be creative with placing relevant information at the back of your business card.