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Air BnB or a hotel room?

waterfront accommodation

Modern technology has allowed us to have cheap flights when we want, and we get the chance to sleep at the most unique, luxurious and quirky places all over the world.

There are a few things you should ask before you choose where you want to stay from Air BnB or a hotel. What do you want to get out of your trip?

Staying in a hotel means luxury, such as waterfront accommodation. We are paying for room service, comfort and 24/7 check in with free toiletries and housekeeping. If you aren’t so concerned about luxury and the quirks of staying in a motel then consider Air BnB.

Storytelling hotels

Reasons to stay in a hotel rather than AirBnB:

  • Everything you need is at hand if not just call the front desk and it will be delivered to your room
  • Hotels are in great locations for business meetings, restaurants and sightseeing.
  • There are some really nice storytelling hotels in Australia
  • Hotels accommodate for children and are happy to deliver sheets or bottles in the early hours as they offer 24/7 service.
  • You are guaranteed with hotels. You know what you are getting when you walk in and you know how you are supposed to leave the room. People prefer to have a familiar feeling when they travel around and like to know how things work.

AirBnB vs the hotel stay

  • AirBnb have a large database of areas that you can stay in, from bungalows to a tree house located in brazil or like the idea if being near the beach they have got you covered.
  • You can choose what suits your budget. To low quality that is cheap to the more fancy. AirBnB works well for people travelling in groups and even for the solo traveller to.  
  • AirBnB is ran by the people that own it or live there

There are different pros and cons for both and most times one will suit your needs and wants more than the other. AirBnB gives you the chance to hire a whole home or just a room if you need. Most times you pay by the night instead of by person which works out a lot cheaper when you are in a group and happy to bunk in together.

You get more freedom with AirBnB and everything is fully stocked even the living room which can help you relax more being in a home set-up rather than a motel set up. However, the AirBnB will charge you cleaning fees and you most likely won’t get any amenities. This is why they are often cheaper.

Some traveller tips to take note of:

  • Read the BnB’s reviews and be sure to check it thoroughly as people have turned up to place to find it looks nothing like the pictures.
  • Ensure you book with a reputable host
  • Ensure you know all the cleaning fees and other hidden fees upfront, so you aren’t stuck with them unaware.
  • Check what the motel is close to before going there if your trip is for site seeing then you need to ensure the motel is close to landmarks and plenty of tourism places like art galleries.