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Brands with the Best Retail Design

Marketing a brand is a whole process from knowing it, believing in it and then making the public feel with you. And there’s no other way to do this than to let them see what you see in the brand through your vision. Various forms of doing this could be through advertisements, collaboration and of course, a brand’s number one income generator… retail.

It requires a particular set of skills to design a retail store since it is expected to represent what it houses. However, each retail design is going to vary due to different demographics set for different locations – for e.g., interior designers in Sydney working on Adidas will have a different picture to designers in LA also working on Adidas; this is due to different demographics.

Let’s take a look at some of the best brands that own these exceptional skills while giving utmost importance in building their retail designs showcasing the best out of their products. 


Its product had always magnified two extremes: performance and design. Steve Jobs was a brilliant visionary in asserting access to a wide array of functions for a smartphone while using only a single button.

Now, this idea is incorporated in its stores, with the one located in Chicago along Michigan Avenue leading the way. Jobs had always been ambitious in as far as innovation is concerned, but it paid off as it won the Best Store Design in 2018. And while it sits on another achievement of being the first American company to be worth a trillion US dollars, the complete architectural and interior design of all its stores in the whole world represent such class and status.

Sheltered by a 111-feet by 98 feet carbon-fibre roof, the store has a lot of 32-feet glass walls through which minimalist interior can be seen. Slender stainless-steel columns support the whole of it which make it look sleek. 


Rome had always been a place of art. But it extends its prowess to Manhattan, New York as an architect visionary, Peter Marino, leads the renovation of Bulgari located at the 5th Avenue corner 58th street. The flagship renovations are committed to sustaining the brand’s reputation for a luxurious retail experience. The original Bulgari store significantly inspires its redesigning at Via Dei Condotti in Rome.

The Manhattan flagship is built of main entrances that are the replica of Condotti’s iconic door built in the 1930s. If you look closely, the store’s exteriors are clasps of one of its heritage bracelets. There are around 30 materials from marbles and walnut to silks and brass metals in which the Roman interior was achieved to grace Manhattan store of its exquisite finish. Again, interior decorators in Sydney will have a similar but different picture to what their Bulgari or any car dealership will look like in terms of design.


The 10-storey Hershey’s Chocolate World could almost be compared to the Tower of Babel as it stands tall at Times Square, New York reaching the heavens. That being said, it is heaven to chocolate lovers as it does not only aim to entice the palate but to delight all the senses because of the innovation it integrated its store with, making it one of the best designed retail stores. 

Newly built, the flagship store is a mix of digital and analog design that gained a label of being an “attraction retail”. As your senses open up to the impressive 91 feet digital billboard, Hershey’s Chocolate World opens up the doors to you with a 7,800-square foot of immersive brand experiences. The fun starts as you explore them all.

Hershey’s collaborated with The Culinary Institute of America in featuring an innovative concept of prepared food, beverage, and bakery as part of its retail store apart from the pre-packed chocolate products. Special mention goes to the Sweet Personalisation which could help enthusiasts to personalise their chocolate bar wrappers. Moreover, enjoy the Amazing Candy Machine. It works like a candy dispenser in fun-decorated boxes. These delights had just ensured Hershey’s Chocolate World, a landmark destination that dessert lovers should never miss. 

Three different kinds of retail designs that magnify not only their products but also their marketing strategy of enhancing the retail experience for the customers. Sprinkle your skills with passion, inspiration, and imagination then complete the mix with motivation to achieve what these big names have.