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Floorplan of a Retail Business


Have you ever noticed how the interior of a room can inspire people who enter it? Its play of colour, geometry, lightning and décor sets a positive environment. The floor plan can change the outlook of a retail business. Here’s how:


It helps your customers find what they want

There are ways to guide your customers towards finding what they want. Floor arrangements should be easy to navigate, and product racks and shelves should be tidy. This can limit customer frustration as they will be able to find what they came into the store to get with ease. The easier it is for them to get what they want, the more likely that they will go back. With more visitations, there are more sales! Positive sales interactions can lead to more referrals and increase word of mouth.


On the other hand, some retail businesses like to lure customers in by having them walk through many other products and aisles before they reach what they are looking for. A loop floor plan will make the customers wander around aisles with a range of products. Studies say that we live in a world of right-hand dominant people, so buyers have the tendency to look at the right side and go counter-clockwise around the store. Therefore, place your best product on the right-hand side of aisles.


Utilise the opportunity to have product demonstration counters

Use any extra space you have in your floor plan to have demonstrations of how various equipment or products work. Customers love to try before they buy. Through implementing this feature, consumers will be more willing to purchase as financial risk is limited. If you are working in a more expensive sector of the retail industry, such as if you have a company that specialises in medical equipment sales, you may want to consider having an employee demonstrate and explain the piece of equipment to people who come into the store. 


Colour, design and presentation of a store could add to the message your retail store conveys and the values and ideals of the brand. Consumers should enjoy their experience in your store. This will not happen if they feel boxed in, uncomfortable, uneasy or unsafe while shopping. A positive and relaxed environment should be created, where customers can move around freely and find what they are looking for easily. 


Consider the types of products you are selling and the customers you want to attract. If you are selling bariatric equipment, consider that the individuals you are marketing to may have reduced mobility. Trips hazards and wheelchair accessibility should be heavily considered when designing the floor plan of a store of this nature. 


Always consider safety 

Flooring should be even and safe for both staff and customers. Vinyl is always popular amongst commercial spaces. It doesn’t stain easily, and it’s sturdy for people to walk on. It can come in different hues and designs mimicking ceramic, hardwood and stone flooring. Another two popular flooring options are wooden flooring and laminate flooring. There’s something edgy about using wooden flooring as it can represent minimalism, rustic design and raw presentation. Ikea combines wooden floors with white tiles and white interiors to make displays stand out easily. 


So, before you underestimate the power of a floor plan, let me remind you that it is the foundation of an excellent retail store. It is something that you need to invest in when creating a retail business. You have to build success, after all, from the ground up. Through considering some of these aspects, you will have an increased ability to understand how consumers think.