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How to find the best wedding photographer

wedding photographer

Marriage is a wonderful time in a person’s life. There are so many details that the bride must consider, and choosing a wedding photographer ranks high on that list. Time does fly by quickly when you’re having fun and that’s why you must not ignore the importance of having a great photographer. You want to make sure you have someone who can take stunning pictures of your special day, that you must cherish for years to come. 

Just a quick note on that too: make sure you schedule your beauty appointments way ahead of the photo sessions. Especially if you are planning major surgery like breast implants or botox. I’ve seen wedding pictures where the bride had had breast reduction surgery just weeks before – and she still had bruises! 

When you think about it, choosing the right photographer can seem a bit frightening, especially if you’re not sure where to even begin. Keep reading to see how the tips below can help make the process a lot easier.

Choose a style

Before you start hunting for a wedding planner, you should first be clear about the style of photography that you want. Doing this will make the searching process less hassling and you get to focus more on other things. Seeing that most photographers can blend portraits, you don’t have to stick to one style. Go through a portfolio and pick from the different categories that you find interesting and then make your final choice. 

They must be patient

Patience is an important trait for any wedding photographer and you should always pay attention to this attribute. It usually goes hand in hand with a few other things such as being understanding too. Whether we like to admit it, weddings do not always go exactly as planned and with that in mind, your photographer should be able to stay calm and help with any surprises. Naturally, the groom but mostly the bride will be under a lot of stress, and flexibility will also play an important role. Throughout the planning process, the wedding schedule can get shuffled around and having a photographer who can adapt to these changes while giving a hundred per cent will be worth it.

Check reviews and ask around

Reviewing feedback is another good place to start when choosing a wedding photographer. Many of these professionals have samples of their work posted on websites and various social media pages, so you won’t be short on options. Take your time to go through some of their pieces and see what previous clients and to say about their service. Word of mouth is another method that has been tested and proven over the years. Don’t be afraid to ask friends who were recently married to give you some pointers that will help you make a solid choice. You might even find out that you share similar tastes and that will be an extra point in your book.

Schedule interviews

Although you can learn a lot from reviews and word of mouth, having a face to face meeting with your potential photographer is a crucial part of your final decision. Before the actual interview, make sure you have a rough idea of how much they will charge and ensure that they are free on the day of your wedding. If they’re unavailable and you still like their style, ask them to recommend a colleague with one similar to theirs. This process will help you discover more about the photographer’s personality in terms of being able to communicate, how will they get along with the guests and so on. It is also the perfect time to explain the vision for your wedding to see if they can follow through with what you have in mind.  

Settle on all details

Some wedding photographers will have specific contracts for their new clients to review and sign. This contract should provide information such as the expected date for the final images, will they be high resolution and photographer image rights for instance. Ensure that you have all these details in writing and both parties agree on each point. This will go a long way in finding the right person to work with.