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How to Plan the Perfect Hens Party

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Hens party, also refers to as hens do or hens night is a bachelorette party. A kind of party held for a lady who is getting married. Hens party is modelled after the bachelor party and is a dinner/party organized by the bridesmaids for the bride shortly before her wedding.

Planning a perfect wedding is a stressful and time-consuming experience, but the hens-party is a chance for the bridesmaid and bride’s friends to cool the bride’s mind off the stress by giving her a moment she will never forget. Are you planning a perfect hens party, but don’t know where to start? Here are our top tips to plan a perfect hens party with the minimum amount of stress:

Who to Invite to the Hens Party?

You definitely need people to attend your hens-party and this can be a nightmare even before you start the planning. Inviting people to the hens-party is normally handled by the maid of honour, so make sure you let your favourite lady know who she should invite – if you need to.

If you feel the invited people will clash, better split the hens-party into parts – the wild evening is a perfect time for the party girls while a luxurious day spa is perfect for the mother-in-law. You may consider two hens parties in case you have an extreme divide. Remember, there is nothing worse than having two people clash at the place of fun, or worse still, having the fun ruined for everyone else.

Save the Date

When choosing the date for your hens-party, it is perfect to choose a day or weekend a week before the big day and for no reason should you choose the night prior your wedding for the hens night. More so, make plans well ahead so as to maximise the numbers of friends who would attend the party. Also remember, this is a big night for the bride so ensure all her besties can be there.

Location Matters

Conduct your research properly! Some hens parties are held in a local pub, a night at someone’s house or abroad. Note that a hens party is often an avenue for some quality bonding time for ladies. Hence, location can be important. When looking out for locations, ensure you properly check out those nice places to go as well as those places to avoid before finally choosing one. Why not travel domestically? Organise a weekend away, by finding luxury accommodation in Tasmania. Holding your hen night abroad is a great idea. But before choosing a location abroad, ensure that everyone invited has a valid passport – this helps to you avoid tears at the airport!

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Plan your Activities

It’s very important that you plan every activity that should take place at the party. Most brides want their hens-party to be a good party with probably a bit of naughty drinking. Most hens night include activities like strip shows, drag cabaret, comedy clubs, nightclub, etc. Putting all these wonderful activities together in one location is fun to make it easy for everyone. However, there are some day time hens party activities that make sense too like an afternoon tea, beauty treatments, and a girly spa day, etc.

Be flexible with your plans, if your friends are still happy with an activity don’t rush off to the next one for the sake of saving time.

Effective Communication

Make sure that everybody knows where and when to meet for the party – time and location. Possibly, send out an itinerary before the day and also exchange mobile numbers.

Pace Yourself

You wouldn’t like the idea where the bride or guests become hungry or legless and not able to enjoy the full activities. So, ensure that you factor in some downtime for re-hydrating and eating.

Finally, remember that the party is all about having fun, so make it fun. Remember the tips above, relax, enjoy the perfect hens-party and have fun!