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Preserving art and heritage in the hospitality industry

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  • May 31, 2019
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There is now a huge competition between different restaurants and hotels. Hotels are therefore using different strategies in order to increase their clientele and boost their revenue. With a lot of people looking for hotel jobs, you will also get the best staff if your hotel looks nice. A big trend that is going strong is bringing art to draw the attention of the guests from all over the world.

Hospitality art has been a popular trend for a while now and appears to be growing. Luxury hotels such as the art hotels in Hobart compete for heritage and history pieces made by masters of the art. Some hotels look like an art gallery due to the huge collection of art in their overall hotel. Budget hotels do it and have been collaborating with all the towns local artists in order to produce for them an art piece that shows the locations heritage and history through sculptures, paintings and murals.

Guests become intrigued with the history of the town and help to bring people back with the want to know more.

Experts say that hoteliers should continue to invest in art pieces for specific marketing reasons as well as learning how to update their hotel’s artwork too. Today hotels and the hospitality tourism business are investing in art and using it as a marketing strategy. Can hotels use art to showcase their history and let clients see the heritage surrounding the place?

Hotels were once known as buildings with rooms and beds. Now it has evolved into a space that can be filled with the arts but not only as marketing by they also serve as décor for the hotel.

Some hospitality staff are thinking outside the box and are ready to install different ways of how they can reach the guests to see the towns heritage instead of revolving their trip around their holiday experience. Art is now fundamental instead of just being an ornamental element added to the hotels overall design.

Art is now a package that the hotel can offer as part of the experiences and it simply makes complete sense. People are often busy with conferences that they miss out of seeing the local art galleries but if the artwork is brought into the rooms of the hotel, they get a chance to learn about the heritage and history while they wander the hotel.

Local artists get a way to showcase their art as many aren’t accepted into the museums to be on display. Guests tend to like when the hotel makes them wander around to look at the artwork and they have admitted before that they enjoy reading looking at art that tells them the story of the town or place. Looking at art is very relaxing and offers a learning experience while still allowing the local history to be known. People don’t want to read piles of pages about history but looking at art is interesting and allows the art to tell the story.

Art is beneficial for the mind and mental calmness while history is retold and within the hospitality sector.