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The argument over which of the sexes visit salons more often reoccur. However, the hairdresser is a unisex stylist that makes different types of hair applications to enhance a person’s image. Usually, these hair stylists use a combination of hair colours and styles to make trendy haircuts for men and women. Also, there are special formulas for changing hair textures. Today, innovation has given us a world where many women prefer male stylists, and men accept the skills of women stylist. Let’s see which of these genders visit the salon more.

What’s the Difference Between A Baber Shop and Male Salon?

To the novice, the barbershop is a men’s salon. Apart from places where anyone can get haircuts and the male salon is a styling space for men. However, masculinization of any hair salon doesn’t make sense.  In the past, salons were associated with women and civilization has made men to shelve their masculinity and share this space with women.

The grooming industry is a wide and funny sector of the society where either of the genders can be made to look good. Usually, people work for a living and enhance their skills accordingly. Apart from applying shampoo and colours, the stylist can trim, fix and weave male and female hair. This beauty concept is acceptable because style is not gender-sensitive, but a reflection of what enhances the individual’s confidence. 

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Generally, stylists that are passionate about their skills often excel. Regardless of the definition of male salons, many women find it convenient to allow male stylists to work on their hair. For these women, whatever makes them attractive deserves to bring them back to that salon. So, when you have talented hairdressers, both male and female folks often come back for pampering haircuts.

Who Visits More?

There is yet to be a global survey and result of the gender with more visits to salons. However, women constitute the majority of salon clients globally. You can get results that rate women’s visit to salons higher than men’s in online surveys that were conducted in specific regions.

Exfoliating facials, hair styling, cuts, shaves, and manicures are common reasons why men visit salons. Usually, barber shops in trendy urban environments are spaces for men to socialize as they wait to get their service. 

The demand for professional care services like manicure and pedicure is making younger men to use salons like never before. Also, reports of salon visits from residents of some states in the U.S shows a higher rate of women going to salons for facial or body treatments than men. 

Women also have more a higher rate of average time spent on hair salons and barber shops. The high rate of young men that visit salons regularly is because they have high consciousness for their appearance. Usually, they visit at least once every month for beauty treatments. 

Arguably, salon goers believe that single-sex beauty parlours don’t generate profit as much as unisex salons. Salons that offer grooming services for both men and women benefit more from gender dynamics. Even when they can’t wear hairstyles that are exclusive for women, men with soft hair textures might use female hair products. I remember the famous movie – ‘Coming to America,’ a male cast advertised a range of female beauty formula. This brings the argument that beauty is too important to be left for the damaging ideas of nostalgic masculinity.