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Retailers need to offer interesting experience to get ahead

retail experiences

People don’t flock to retail locations because it’s convenient (some still do, but because of e-commerce, advantage usually means shopping online). Modern consumers make an effort to head to retail shops because of the experience they get in the shop.

Some do it because they crave the social part of shopping. Then there are those who wish to touch and feel things for themselves.

Retailers will need to be attuned to the reasons why their customers shop offline, and then design their stores to fit those needs.

The right customer experience strategy will depend on your products, your shop, and your shoppers. It’s essential you know all three like the back of your hand so that you can come up with the best offerings possible.

• Face to face customer service (e.g having knowledgeable associates explain products)

• Constant reinvention (e.g coming into a store and discovering new things or experiences)

• Product-building (e.g personalised items, building products or purchase bundles)

• Community (e.g attending courses or events)

• Services (e.g coming in for a makeover or personal shopping information )

• Retailtainment (e.g finding attractions or entertaining experiences)

• Treasure hunters (e.g finding a fresh product or a fantastic deal)