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Retailers will stay competitive with AI

ai in retail

The time is coming, where retailers will rely on artificial intelligence more and more. Big Data, machine learning, and AI-powered assistants that were once reserved for larger enterprises can now be leveraged by businesses of all sizes, and that is excellent news.

There are several platforms specifically designed to assist small and medium retailers in leveraging information more effectively.

Consider Dott, an AI-powered retail assistant that gives you personalized information according to your POS data. Dott learns about your business by understanding how you use the Vend Platform and by analyzing sales, product, customer and inventory information in real-time. It then makes personalized suggestions on what you should do to grow your business.

AI technologies such as Dott can help save you time and remove the guesswork out of decision-making. That’s why if you have not done so yet, spend some time in 2019 looking into AI and figuring out if and how it can help your business.