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Shopping for the right interior wall finishes for your home

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One can choose from a million paint colour options, but using textures can also enhance the look of your home incredibly. For instance, though a coat of caramel paint may look attractive, combine the same with a wall panel with textures behind it for a much more elevated experience for your room. Using textures on walls is slowly becoming a trend because of the variety of options from which one can choose their aesthetics and for those going bold with designs, they have got a variety of textures to choose from as well!

If you are looking to ‘texturize’ your home, here are a few tips that could come in handy:

  • Choose bold textures: The whole point of using textures and paint in a room is to enhance emotions, create a drama in a little space without having to change the architectural style of it, or the floorings or the furnishings. The wall panels having textured are sold usually in the form of the sheets which can be put up on the wall, and paints can be rolled over them. Depending on the degree of aesthetic you want, using a bold textured wall panel can be a great option for the interior wall finishes.
  • Use texture illusions: Although using textures that can be touched and felt is nice, some rooms may demand a more subdued look of the walls which complement the décor there rather than compete with them, in such cases, faux finishing is a good option. It is basically using paint of different colours and glazes in a certain pattern which gives the effect of the wall to have a texture. You can either apply this on an accent wall or on all four walls have a slightly different texture. The possibilities are endless! There are plenty of illusion ideas one can come up with. It depends on what kind of design you wish to have in your room. Plenty of options are available for an individual such as either having a classy and elegant approach, to something colourful and vibrant. Either way, the illusion finally created makes the entire room pop and stand out from any other design around the house. Most artists use this as a way of serving inspiration when they create art at homes.
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  • Artwork walls: Another technique used to achieve texture patterns is to paint murals and patterns on the wall. A technique called trompe l’oeil is used where paintings and images are used on walls to give a feel of realism. They can create a dramatic change in the depth, character and the mood of the room. Do note that while you need professional artisans to complete this task, stunning results can be achieved through wallpapers or DIY murals. This impact may be more highlighted in case you have wood-look tiles to pair up with this. If you’re moving into a home with a wooden workaround, the artwork walls would work best with this option.
  • Use textures on Monochrome interiors: If you prefer room interiors that have very little colour, using textures is a nice way to elevate it and remove the boredom. Joint compounds, fabrics and wall – panels can be used to create the texture patterns there. They can all be of one colour and this can effectively boost the personality of the room in the most subtle way possible. This can also be extended to form a 3D impact along with your tiles. Specifically, in the case of stone look tiles, which would give the monochrome a graffiti appearance. This option is for extravagance lovers.
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Your walls and the room, in general, become so much exciting with the use of textures. Along with just the walls, having a seamless flooring with the right texture or choice of design would help enhance the homely vibe to your room and make it as personalised as you wish it to be. Whatever be your design style and the colour scheme, there will always be a texture that will absolutely nail the overall look and aesthetic. If you want more inspiration about textures, see videos online, or visit a home improvement store near you. You can also learn to do it yourself through the many expert DIY decorators who have released their methods through YouTube videos online. There are plenty of tutorials available online which serves as a testament of all the trials that people have attempted. You can always have a play by play on how to go about shopping and placing the right art wall texture in your room or home. Various YouTube bloggers now make video logs (vlogs) to provide their viewers with the right feeling of how to go about and shop for the perfect interior decorating accessories and paint. The more ideas you look at, the more you read through them, the more perfectly will you be able to mimic them for your home!