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The Gadgets Most Popular Amongst Teens

teen gargets popular amongst teens

Today’s generation seems to be invested in tech gadgets. My theory is that there are 3 E’s that drive them to do so. First is: Escape. Through the games, they play and the attractive virtual design it comes with, a lot of them find it pleasing and challenging at the same time. Second: Entertainment. With movies and music you can access via these tech gadgets, not to mention video recording and capturing images to share in their social media, they become instantly hooked. Lastly: Education. Research, translation and online curriculum are available and accessible anytime.

While there are parents who may still be struggling in accepting online media as being a part of their children’s lives, it’s important to know what attracts them to this digital world. 

Here are some of the most popular tech gadgets amongst teens today: 

  • Popsockets. These are pretty self-explanatory but the pop socket is like a mobile phone stand that you can use to take photos, watch videos and even just to hold your phone in a secure way. They are trendy, fun and versatile. The Popsockets come in many different shapes and forms, with prints ranging from animals to patterns or celebrity photos. The coolest kids, however, will order personalised popsockets with a photo of their pets, a selfie or a logo of their favourite brand.


  • Freestanding Punching Ball Speed Bag – In the name of fitness, this tech tool is great for teenagers who are gaining fondness for mixed martial arts in channelling their inexhaustible energy. Mixed martial arts training or getting involved in any kind of physical sports infuse discipline, strength and mental control. This freestanding punching ball speed bag builds skills and stimulates the reflexes, developing you to be fast and perceptive. It comes with a stand and its height is adjustable. It is easy to use in terms of inflating the punching ball. Altogether, it is a stress reliever and facilitative of one’s fitness.


  • MYNT3D – Watch your imagination come to life with this professional Printing 3D Pen. This tool that comes with OLED Display makes your ideas possible, and then tangible. Drawing will never be the same anymore once you get hold of this gadget. It lets you adjust the feed allowing you to regulate speed and flow for optimal control of the material while drawing. The temperature for printing is adjustable in 1-degree increments beginning with 130 to 240 degrees Celsius for optimal fine-tuning.


  • Aisuo Night Light – This is a 5 in 1 bedside lamp that comes with a Bluetooth speaker. That means you can hook your phone instantly to listen to your favourite music or soothe yourself to sleep with a meditational sound. The digital calendar/alarm clock can be adjusted to 12/24H. It also has touch-control and may be inserted into an SD card to program it to your preference. This could be a perfect gift for teenagers whose lives rely on their school schedule. Managing all of their assignments, deadlines and extracurricular activities while keeping a social life demands a lot of time. This night light can help them juggle all this and more.


  • Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones – Stay warm, fashionable and upbeat with these beanie headphones. Putting on Bluetooth headphones a lot of times during the day may get to the point that it’s annoying. Most especially if you are wearing your Beanie and the headphones just continuously get in the way. But don’t worry! Because this upgraded wireless headset allotted of a special pocket knitted into a beanie for your headphones not only serves music lovers but also fashionistas that love wearing beanie hats during winter. With a 0.02 lb. thickness, this double-knitted product is sure to provide you with that warmth and softness – all the comforts wool brings. It has a long battery life of 16-20 hours and it keeps your hands free.


  • Kindle Reader – This is not only educational but it is something all readers would love. Teenagers may raise their eyebrows at this kind of gift, but once they know how it works they will love it! It is where you store your books without the hassles of providing too much space for it. Favourable to use by those who need to live with a minimalistic approach. It comes in a waterproof design that is thin, light, and are eyes friendly as it stays glare-free making reading perfect. Some come with audible. Pair them with headphones and speakers to listen to your story while hands-free. A single battery charge may give you the battery life of weeks and not hours.