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The Importance of Keeping Your Resume Updated

Have you come across a job opportunity that is far too great to let it get away only to find out that you’re a bit too late in applying for it? Sometimes you may find yourself scrambling to get your resume in perfect order to get it sent off only to find you took too long and missed the deadline which means you’ve missed the opportunity of a lifetime. If you just need to add a few things then this won’t be too much hassle, however, if your resume is outdated in all aspects then you might as well ask for a miracle. It is important to stay on top of updating your resume and the comings and goings of your professional life.

The best repair for this is to keep your resume updated all the times, it may sound simple to do but quite often it isn’t. Making sure you do the suggested will save you time and stress in the future.

Add any new jobs or experience to your current resume right away

You most likely already have the jobs description with you and the advertisement. This comes along with the on-boarding package full of information which you can use to update your resume as soon as you get your hands on it. This will save time doing it rather than doing it later on so if that great opportunity arises you can just grab your resume and go. This goes for skills and other responsibilities, add them to your resume as soon as they occur which will ensure you don’t forget to add them later on. Any specific forms of vocational training you undertake to further develop your employability skills needs to be noted down and added to your updates resume.

You don’t need to worry too much about adding all the correct formatting and spacing you mainly want to just get the information in there while it is fresh in your mind. You can always edit and make your resume look better at a later date that better suites your needs. Things like project information, skills and the job description can be hard to think about later in time and to get the right info for.

Did you know that the longer you are with a company it will be harder to complete a resume, which is why you need to keep adding to it all the time? If you have been at a job for ten years or so but feel that you need to look for another job it can be hard to obtain certain information about that job and your position.

You might think it is silly to be updating your resume often when you are applying for a promotion because the company knows your experience and how well you work and the skills that you have. If the company ends up with new management, they may want to see an updated resume anyway. A resume or CV makes you seem professional, so, providing one with your current employers will definitely impress them!

Ensure you stay organised

If you find updating your resume daunting and you don’t want to do it at least keep some copies of your skills and new courses completed all together that way when you get some help writing a resume or updating it everything is in one place for them to work with. If you aren’t doing it via hard copies, than consider saving to cloud storage or a USB in case your computer crashes or gets stolen at least you won’t lose your valuable information.

Even if the only step you take is gathering up the info and dumping it in a pile somewhere that is at least a start and it will help you or the professional resume writer out down the track. It is something we don’t think to do but it can actually be very beneficial when it comes time to look through it and update your resume. Updating your resume saves you time and keeps you from stress in the future. It means you can apply quickly to your dream job!