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Tips on Picking The Right Pool Table Felt Cloth

billiards green felt table cloth

Do you need to buy or replace your pool table cloth? Not sure where to start? There are many different pool table styles and types of fabric available for felt.

Many pool table owners are either installing or recovering their pool tables and one of the most critical decisions to get right is what type of felt to buy. You will most likely notice that there are several different names for the cloth, including billiard felt, pool felt, pool table cloth, etc. These all refer to the same item just different names have been created for them over time.

Check out the tips below to help figure out which one is best for you.


What type is best?

There really isn’t a type that is best overall. It will depend on your needs. If you have a table that hardly gets used, then there really isn’t much point buying top of the range tournament grade fabric. If you have children or pets and stains or spills may be a concern, then Teflon is the right choice with highly stain-resistant material. If you are a professional player that uses the table often then consider going for a Simonis brand. You may want a cloth material that doesn’t stain easily if you have brighter billiards table lights. It often comes down to what style and colour you like, and which is more durable for how you are using the pool table.


The durability

billiard room fancy lightsThe wool that is within the felt is one of the main factors that will determine how durable the felt actually is. There is no way to predict how long that type of fabric will hold up due to the differences in the installation and the amount of play each table is going to get. 

 If you have a table that is not being used as often as what a professional player would use it, then any fabric is going to last you longer. Take into consideration the tightness of the fabric weaves. The indicator of durability is to go by the ounce weight that is per yard of fabric like 20oz, 19oz, etc. the better quality stuff will be sitting in the minimum range of about 19oz. The best way to measure the durability of the cloth is to go by the threads per inch if you are lucky to get that information as it isn’t often given to the public.


Pool Cloth Maintenance

Just like the rest of your pool game accessories, the felt will need to be maintained for optimum use and performance and to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Try not to expose the pool table felt to the sun as it can easily fade and will start to lift away from the wood on the bottom. 

 Ensure that you buy a pool brush and clean the excess chalk off the cloth after every game. The best practice is to push the dust to the pockets to avoid any build-up from occurring between felt.

 You need to either make or buy a pool table cover to keep it protected from dust and debris when the table is not in use. Even dampness and UV rays can be very damaging to the pool table and felt. Buy a cloth that is designed to clean your billiard balls so you can limit the amount of chalk that gets all over the table.