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Two trends will redefine retail in 2019

2019 shopping trends

The retail sector has undergone a substantial transformation over the last decade, and it continues to evolve rapidly.

Led by advancements in electronic stations, 2018 has been kind to retail in the USA, with the marketplace reporting growth each month so much after a record-setting 2017. Nevertheless, the surface of the market is rapidly evolving, and retailers need to adapt to new changes in demographics, attitudes and consumer tastes.

In 2019, the market will be characterized by emerging technologies that alter the way customers interact with their favourite brands, a change in tastes, and the development of new battle lines for e-commerce.

More and more, consumers are shopping with their feelings rather than their wallets. Millennials’ changing preferences and attitudes regarding corporate responsibility, social consciousness, and more have impacted how retail brands present and place themselves. The trend has caused brands needing to equate their internal culture with their outside identity, turning businesses into what some have dubbed civilization coders.

Organizations are increasingly engaging consumers beyond normal shopping parameters and getting cultural figures. This trend cuts both ways; however, since this new measuring stick may also cause unintended consequences.

E-commerce continues its march toward becoming the most popular shopping medium throughout the world. In September 2018 the business enlarged by 11.4percent. Today, most major brands have an internet presence, and all of them offer comparable prices. Even shops such as Amazon and Walmart are very largely homogenous in this aspect, so retailers trying to differentiate themselves have found other avenues to provide value to customers.

A recent study found that the amount of time individuals are ready to wait for free transport has dropped from 5.5 days in 2012 to 4.5 days typically. Apps like Amazon Prime have made expedited transport the standard, so cutting back on shipping time is very important for any e-commerce business seeking to stay afloat.